Final weekend working

Yeah right!

This is a quick update. Videos and other photos to be posted from this weekend.

Friday had the sparky complete the fuse board.

Fuse board in

Tom came down to our surprise. He aassisted in the electrical fault finding and spray painting the bed rooms.

Saturday was networking day for me. We got all the cables pulled to allow us to start screwing down floor boards.

(604) 251-1901

Don’t quite have the time to test all the cables annoyingly but we aren’t expecting any major failures. I’ve also dropped most locations with two cables. Just in case.

Saturday let us prime the kitchen floor and put the underfloor heating down.


Mandie was also here and with Morgan, they tag teamed the house by cleaning and organising everything. A very time intensive job.

Morgan got on with sandpapering the walls and ceiling over the rest of the weekend with a bit of plastering towards the end.

Sunday was another big day. We got some of the walls in the dining room completed.



I spent a lot of time decking the loft.


To be honest, the decking was easy. The insulation though, damn that gets you scratching everywhere.

More details to come on this weekend but I’m currently too shattered!

Plumb centre

Monday was another plastering day. Which saw the tardis and most of the small bedroom plastered. By close of play Tuesday, the small bedroom was finished! We only have photos of the tardis for now. Small bed will come up in the video over the weekend!

Tardis plastered

We received delivery of the bathroom stuff last week and it’s been sitting quite happily in the second bedroom. Some bright spark had the idea to install said bathroom just in case we wanted to use it when we moved in.

This required the plumber to come round and have a bash at our plumbing. I think he’s done an excellent job.


Hes also a handy gas man so he got our hob installed in the kitchen too!

Kitchen hob installed

Unfortunately, he left the kitchen sink out, so he’s coming back in the near future.

But with hob in, we could get the positions of the switches on the angled wall.


This left us with some electrics still to do coming into Wednesday / Thursday. Work stopped us dead in outlets tracks for a few days but Friday we might be having it all finished off!!

Im currently on the train hopefully returning to a home with POWER!!!!!

Moving in weekend round 1

Or not. The original plan was to move in on the Friday. Clearly on from the photos to follow this was not going to happen. We got an extension on our flat that has let us get more finished before we get in.

Friday Mandie, Tom and Kayleigh came down and started painting the ceilings and walls. The amazing paint sprayer made an appearance. Makes the rooms look incredible.

Sparky painting the bathroom

Saturday let us get the bathroom floor underway. Underfloor heating first, adhesive second, tiles last.

(970) 914-3374

Other than a slight hiccup on my end regarding thermostat placement, it was an excellent day and the tiles look amazing!!!

(844) 901-7217

Saturday / Sunday also got the tardis up and running! (Our ensuite)

The bathroom / bedroom wall was filled with insulation, plaster board up and skimmed. Expert cutting work by Morgan!

Cutting insulation

We were visited by a spy vehicle (see top image).

This post is a little late but more great work to come!

Spaghetti Junction Part 1

The spark arrived and boy did we get a lot done. We began proving the circuits from yesterday. We ran an extra return ton required for the lighting but apart from that we were golden.

We had already wired the jpkitvhen ring with plugs so we’re able to do a continuity test easily, but the rest of the downstairs ring had not been tied up.

(573) 473-6284

Neat trick, instead of wiring all the plugs, tie the main ring with chocolate blocks to reduce time proving the circuit. This also makes it slightly safer than just twisting the pairs together.

We pulled the cable for the rest of the downstairs lighting which included the hall, landing and downstairs loo. We also ran outside lighting cable to the back and front door.

The fire alarm circuit also went in using 3 core and earth. The third core allows for a control signal so that if one goes off, they all go off.

This created quite the mess up in the hallway, the main junction to all the rooms.

Hallways wiring

The cable comes up from the mains feed in the dining room to the main bedroom. We need to establish what type of boxing to use for this.

Dining room mains part 1

We also had the chance to run the main upstairs ring.

Upstairs main ring master bed

Still to do however, the upstairs lighting, bathroom, shower, loft lighting and loft ring. We are hoping to have them pulled and tested for tomorrow. This will allow us to chase and cement them in over the week to then get the spark back to wire up our new board next weekend.

In other news, we bought a fridge! Morgan came across an absolute steal in currys of all places.


Mandie and Morgan spent a lot of today getting the best deals on tiles they possibly could and it looks like our tile dilemma is over but you’ll have to wait and see what we decided! Mainly because I don’t have any photos.

Searching for Enlightenment

Tom came from Cardiff today to help out- and boy did it pay off. It’s looking incredible. Which is probably a good thing because we are moving in a week today….

So what have we been up to. Lights! Lots of lights! Kitchen-diner and the snug have lights.

Snug downlights wired


Kitchen lights wired 2

The holes for the lights in the hall are also in.

(347) 241-2076

We have also cemented in the pipework and cabling into the walls.

We also finally unloaded my Nan’s old oven that is brand new into the house currently sitting on the dining room floor waiting to be installed. Many tasty meals yet to be made…

Nan's old new oven

Sparky is round tomorrow to check our wiring…


Just kidding, sort of. We bolted together the work tops along the kitchen window and sealed them up on both ends. You can barely see the join.


Bolting both ends gave the sink it’s final position, right in front of the window.

Kitchen worktops joined

Once that that side was done, we nipped round to Howdens and got ourselves the template for routering the island.


Kitchen island corner close up

We have some iron on edging that we will apply to give a better finish than chipboard…

After a clear up, we started with the hallway plastering which I think looks pretty good considering. We made the plaster with a higher water content to let it flow easier when working over head. It does make it a very messy job but worth the effort for the finish.


When the sink hole opened, it managed to gobble up the skip too!

Hop skip and it's gone

The final piece is more of a discussion point. We have this back boiler to remove.

The dining room back boiler

We could brick it up and forget about it, or tear it out and make feature. It’s yet to be decided. At the moment, we have decide on what colour fridge and tiles, damn tiles!


So much for the wiring, the kitchen took priority again today but what a result!

We started by bolting in the corner units on the party wall. Of course back in the 20s, right angles were too difficult so the window wall is at about 95 which caused a bit of frustration when mounting the eye level units. The gap can be seen from the backdoor entrance.

Kitchen view from the backdoor

We will put a filler piece at a later date. But from this view you can see the peninsula to the left. Mog and I feel that the far corner of the peninsula in the kitchen should be curved to let people pass easier. However, the other edge is still a discussion point. A curve would feel more inviting but reduce useable space.

Before all of this we needed to bolt all the units together. This was done by levelling out each unit with the adjustable feet and the clamping it in position to then send screws through where the door hinges would be. The photo below is the end peninsula unit.


I’m still unsure if this unit has a door but either way it’ll look good.

Kitchen door pile

Hopefully it’s somewhere in this pile of doors…

The final job for the night was the placement of the tall boy units closet to the dining room. Buggers to lift and fix at the same time but they will be worth it when cooking up a mean roast.

We left late feeling like we really achieved something when we put the work tops up. Looking forward to return tomorrow to get the sink plumbed in and begin bolting down the worktops.

Kitchen worktop and eye level shelving

Worktop Tuesday

We began today by fixing the kitchen units, starting with the corner unit and along the back wall as there is no major plumbing back there. This creates our datum for the rest of the kitchen.

The kitchen sink unit also had a bit of a song and dance to get the feeds and waste inside the unit but not quite fitted. First we needed the tops.

The top on the back wall went in without a hitch and has given us the reference we need to start putting the eye level units in.

Lots of fun with the router today and working up the join on the corner section. Our very expensive template tool better come in handy elsewhere!

Kitchen worktop join

Used the router by taking it down in 10mm steps from bottom to top to leave a good finish.

On the way home, we picked up a good amount of double plug sockets to commence the wiring tomorrow with a steal on some USB ones. However, I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend £20 per double dimmable light switch Wickes.

The tiles argument reared its ugly head again as we get closer to crunch time. At the moment it looks like we are going with cream floor tiles, white wall tiles with a bluesy duck egg colour paint but I’m sure that’ll change tomorrow!